I'm loving this song by Stellar Kart! I remember growing up in the days where the most violent show on the tele was The A Team, and even movies with profanity were overdubbed when shown on TV. Times have changed, and as Christians we must revive a passion for purity and innocence. As the songs goes...

I want to be innocent
Yours wholeheartedly
every part of me
Take me back so I can see
The way that love was meant to be

(I need to get a synth-axe!)


Kristy said...

I so love this song too! Love your blogs... will definately be visiting your site regularly!

Lesmond J said...

Nice blogs mandrake, i sure hope none of the nifty wardrobe from this video winds up in yours...heh heh.

Ps. you so need some high top sneakers to go with ya super tapers...ah...take me back. I recommend Pony's by the way.