It's good being a guy

After seeing my wife go through 4 births, it makes me really appreciate that God made me a guy! I have compiled a good-clean list (some original, some unoriginal) of the top 20 reasons why it's good to be a man(drake).
  • You never have to give birth.
  • You know stuff about tanks.
  • Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.
  • You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness.
  • You can be showered and ready to go in 10 minutes.
  • You can go to the bathroom without a support group.
  • You can take your shirt off on a hot day.
  • The world is your urinal.
  • You can sit with your knees apart no matter what you're wearing.
  • Gray hair and wrinkles only add character.
  • Flowers fix everything.
  • You can kill your own food.
  • It never is that time of the month.
  • You aren’t expected to remember everyone's birthdays and anniversaries.
  • The occasional well-rendered burp is practically expected.
  • You can drop by to see a friend without having to bring a little gift.
  • You can open all your own jars.
  • You don't have to shave below your neck.
  • Bathroom lines are 90% shorter.
  • Christmas shopping can be accomplished for 25 relatives, on December 24th, in 45 minutes.


Kristy said...

So good! Might get you to do the Christmas shopping this year!

Anonymous said...

I actually thought the shopping time for guys was shorter than that... Must be this new generation