Sick of walking out of movies?

I grew up growing to the movies. My first movie was Star Wars, in 1977. My brother took me to see it. He was 12 and I was 3 and a half. Good times.

Fast forward to present day 2008 and I hardly go to the flicks anymore. Firstly, because it is too expensive, and secondly because Jesus wouldn't watch most of them, and I want to please him with my life... what I say, what I do, and what I watch.

The good news for Christian movie-lovers is that there are a few excellent websites in cyberspace that review and critique movies from a Christian perspective. We can be clued up before we shell out $15 on a ticket. Here they are:

  • Plugged In Online (by Focus On The Family)
  • Christian Spotlight On Entertainment (Readers can give their own comments on each movie.)
  • Screenit (Not a Christian site, but lists everything questionable in every movie, so is an excellent tool.)

    Of course, there are many Christians out there that don't even think twice about watching a movie with questionable material in it... I'll leave my thoughts on that subject to another post.