After 23 years I got one!

You may have read in my "Top 5 Childhood Heroes" post that I had always wanted a genuine MacGyver pocket knife, but had never received one... until today!

Yep, 23 years after MacGyver mania began, a few days after my 34th birthday, sister-of-mandrake gave me a shiny new Victorinox Huntsman. Wow.

It all came flooding back. The opening credits, the theme song, the mullet... I was totally stoked!

I did a bit of googling tonight (as one does when one gets all nostalgic), and discovered that MacGyver used several different models of Victorinox and Wenger swiss army knives throughout the series, but mostly used the Huntsman and the Tinker. (Sis, how did you know?!)

So, one of these days I may go 'United Video' and rent out a season of Mac, and introduce my sons to classic clean TV (with my Huntsman in my pocket of course).


Lesmond J said...

Nice one Mandrake. Let me guess what the next date night DVD will be...?

Kristy said...

haha - how about watching some chick flicks for once honey?

edson_dias said...

Nice. in a couple of weeks time, I'll be a proud owner of a black huntsman. I lost my previous one some years ago on a camping trip. I must say the huntsman is the most practicle too tool. I also trust only Victorinox tools with opening cans that contain food. their steel coating is safeer than other multi tools that I have used. all the best

Symon said...

Thanks for the comment edson. I think the 'Leatherman SkeletorCX' would give the Huntsman a run for its money! Might be a bit heavy in my front pocket though!