I have always believed that there are gargantuan sea monsters alive in the volumous ocean depths.

From ancient times sailors have told and retold stories of sighting the huge many-tentacled beast called the Kraken. We now know that a creature very similar to Kraken descriptions exists... We call it the Colossal Squid. In 2007 the largest known Colossal Squid was captured in the waters off New Zealand. It weighed 495kg and was 10m long. How big does the Colossal Squid grow? No one knows. Is there larger undiscovered Kraken-like creatures alive today? No one knows.

Here is where this post gets creepy…

I was talking to one of my dad’s friends the other day. In 1975 he was a competitor in the 'New Zealand to Numea' yacht race. The yacht was several miles out from Vanuatu and the crew heard this peculiar intermittent slapping noise. They sighted the tail of a very large whale. Something was obviously attempting to pull the whale down as it was struggling to keep itself close to the surface by using its tail to pull it backwards (hence the slapping noise). The disturbing part of this story was that after a while there was a huge plume of bloody water and the whale disappeared.

Now, if this story is true, and I have no reason to believe it’s not (my dad’s friend is an honest man), I want to know a couple of things…

What kind of creature would have the strength to pull a large whale underwater, (It couldn’t be a shark as sharks can’t swim backwards) and what caused the huge plume of bloody water?

We may never know. But do you know what kind of creature my imagination conjures up when I ponder this story?

'Pirates of the Caribbean 2' got it about right!