The Mair Park Ghost

In July 1961, an entity known as the 'Mair Park Ghost' terrified the citizens of small town Whangarei, New Zealand. I know... because my parents were some of those terrified citizens.

Bizarre events rarely happen in Whangarei, so when stories started circulating that a ghost was being sighted at Mair Park, my mum, dad and their friends did what any normal, sane kiwi would do... they attempted to catch it.

They drove to the park, turned the car engine and headlights off, and waited in the almost pitch-black darkness (with the doors locked of course). Sure enough, it wasn't too long before the ghostly figure emmerged and 'glided' slowly closer to the car. My parents describe the ghost as being almost 7 foot, all white, who moved in a very frightening manner. As they watched, literally scared-stiff, my dad's two mates started chasing it into the dark, dense bush (I would have run the other way myself). After several minutes, they returned, terrified, saying that the ghost seemed to float down the track, made no sound while doing so, and then simply disappeared.

I kid you not... this is a true story. I even have the newspaper clippings.

In the days that followed, more people sighted and were equally disturbed by the ghost. Other attempts were made to catch it, but all failed. More bizarre events happened... a grotesque mannequin was found hanging by a noose from a tree in the park, and the ghost was seen peering into the windows of some of the houses close to the park late at night.

Was the mystery of the Mair Park Ghost ever solved? Well, that depends on who you talk to. My dad says that the ghost simply stopped being sighted, probably because people started to enter the park at night with guns intending to shoot it.

I was talking to another person recently, who remembers the events. He thought that a local rugby team entered the park one night and caught the ghost, who was in fact, a very athletic man wearing a very convincing costume. This man knew the layout of the park so well that he knew where to run and hide in the darkness, giving the appearance of disappearing into thin air.

I like my dad's story of 'men with guns hunting the ghost' better.

So, almost fifty years on, I wonder if you were to venture into the park late at night... would the ghost be there... watching you from the bushes?

I dare you to find out.


Rachel Kate said...

could this be the next "pod war" venue?

Jon Dylan said...

This is totally like something you'd find in an Enid Blyton book. Then we'd form a club and go out and catch it, and it would turn out to be Old Farmer Jack hanging the white sheets on the line... at the stroke of midnight. mmm

Anonymous said...

Love your blog... very interesting post too.

Jason said...

More like Jack's pokey sister Suzy and her friend Binkie trying hard to misguide the the secret 7 with a prank mystery

Rachel Kate said...

i say something serious for once and you guys completely ruin it... sigh, oh to be normal

Dr. Lizzle said...

ARRRGH Symz that totally freaked me out! Especially coz the hubby and I used to venture into the bush frequently for a night time stroll

I wonder if this mysterious "Ghost" was also responsible for hanging the Ronald McDonald statue by his neck from the bridge at the bottom of the Park back in 99 too?

sneaky sneaky

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is a very cool story. I work at the Whangarei Leader and think this could be a great story for the paper.
If you are interested in talking about it please phone 438 8636.

darls said...

**On Nightline Tonight**
After gathering inspiration on encountering the supernatural in the latest book by Ted Decker, Youth Pastor "mandrake" leads a group of young pod leaders on a trip in search of the elusive ghost at Mair Park.
Who will find the ghost first and win the sought after hoodie??

Anonymous said...

So Blair Witch. What a fake story

Symon said...

Actually true... documented in newspapers.