The mighty Civic Theatre

My most memorable movie-going experience was seeing 'Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom' at the Civic theatre (Queen Street, Auckland) when I was 10 years old.

I was somewhat mesmerized every time I went to the Civic as a kid, because it seemed like I was literally transported into another world.

The Auckland Civic theatre was built in the 1920's, and is elegantly art-deco to the extreme. It is internationally significant as the largest surviving atmospheric cinema in Australasia (Only seven remain in the world). In its heyday it seated a staggering 2,750 and even at its reduced current seating, is still the largest theatre in NZ.

By comparison, the atmospheres that today's movie theatres create are really quite pathetic. Half of the magic of the movie-going experience is now gone. (It was a sad day when the Regent Theatre was demolished in Whangarei.)

With the recent release of 'Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull' I was all nostalgic one evening last week and did some Googling while remembering the magic of the Civic and the impact Indy had on a wide-eyed 10 year-old... I found the following site, and went to sleep that night a happy man.

The Might Civic Auditorium

Here's to the glory-days and the joy of reminicing a time when life seemed so much simpler and childhood dreams seemed to be within easy reach.