Six severed feet

I heard a stange thing on the radio this morning while driving around town. I've just done some Googling, and it appears something very bizarre has indeed been happening on a stretch of Canadian coastline recently.

Since August last year, no fewer than six individual human feet have washed up from the deep... all wearing rubber-soled training shoes.

The facts so far:

Last August, two human feet washed up on the beaches of small islands off Vancouver. In February a third single, right foot drifted ashore. The fourth foot was discovered on a beach in suburban Vancouver in May. On Monday, a left foot was found on another island off Vancouver. The latest find was on Wednesday when a woman collecting rocks spotted a shoe-clad foot on a beach. “I could see two white bones sticking out of a black sneaker," Sandra Malone told the local newspaper. "It was definitely severed, like it had been sawn off…”

I told you it was bizarre.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what or who is behind this mystery. People are surmising that perhaps the Asian Tsumani was the cause. Some are even suggesting it is a sick prank by medical students.

My theory is as follows...

A boat full of 'joggers-annonymous' members sunk of the coast of Canada in August last year and the poor people were attacked by sharks who had a distinct dislike for the taste of Nikes.

Anyone have a better theory?


kristy said...

You are a worry Symon! Reminds me of the time as a young girl I spotted a leg lying on the beach at Sandy Bay... ran to tell my dad, only to discover later that it was the prosthetic leg of a surfer (he regularly left it on the beach while out having a surf).

If God is your co-pilot, change seats (aka Rach) said...

It had to be the kraken...

SUZY said...

Actually, I think the foot ate the rest of the human. I've seen it many times, although the feet are usually wearing some sort of silver thermal microfiber space fabric.

Lesmond J said...

Hmmm, very tho9ught provoking Burton.

I'm going to have to think, think ,think about it.

Did you know they're turning kids into slaves just to make cheaper sneakers?
But what's the real cost, cause the sneakers don't seem that much cheaper
Why are we still paying so much for sneakers when you got little kid slaves making them
What are your overheads?

Hmmm, yes that deserves so more thought.

arna said...

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