Cave of giant crystals

Just when you thought I couldn't get randomer (is that even a word?).

The photos are real... They haven't been photoshopped, or taken at a movie set. They are from 'The Cave of Crystals' in Mexico.

In April 2000, Naica miners made an incredible discovery, a natural treasure, a cave of giant crystals.

The cave contains some of the largest natural crystals ever discovered. The cavern was originally filled with water, but was pumped clear during mining excavations. The mining company's pumping operations continue to keep the cave clear of water. Temperatures in the cave are consistently very high, and humans can only spend a few minutes inside before the heat becomes overwhelming. According to a National Geographic article about the cave, it is because of this stable high temperature and mineral rich water that the crystals were able to grow so unusually large.

God really is 'The God of wonders'!


Fifi said...

Wow that's really amazing! Reminds me of the old school superman! Christopher Reeves was the man!

Jon Dylan said...

I seem to remember finding something similar to this while reasearching my cave post. Would love to see something like that in real life, though.

No doubt Rhys would be able to stay down there the longest . . .