Chicken coop 2: Country Cottage

A couple of weeks ago Daisy (our Blue Australorp for those who care), became broody for the first time. So broody, in fact, that she started sitting on 'pretend eggs', and when she wasn't doing that, she horded Buttercup and Cornflower's eggs to sit on!

So, thanks to Trademe, I visited one of Northland's top chicken breeders (nice Christian lady) and acquired 8 fertile eggs.

Daisy thought all her Christmas's had come at once! But I reminded her not to count her chickens before they hatch.

A couple of hours ago, a day's work and $50 later, I finished Riverside's very first chicken maternity ward (with some help from 'daddy's little helper'). DW and I are going to transport Daisy and her eggs to their new accomodation very soon while she's asleep (Daisy that is, not DW).

Photos below (I think Barney thinks he's a chicken... You become like those you hang out with the most). Stay tuned as the continuing saga unfolds.


Rachel Kate said...

DW is my hero

ana said...

this is rather adorable Symon :D and, the coop (how do you spell it???) looks AWESOME!

Jason said...

DW is a really cool brand of drums

Anonymous said...

DW is short for Darling Wife. Burton's wife really is a darling.