Ghost mystery solved... or is it?

I posted a story the other week about 'The Mair Park Ghost'. In 1961, someone dressed up in an ornate costume scared 'courters' witless who visited the park at night, including my mum and dad.

Read the post here: The Mair Park Ghost.

DW and I thought it would be an entertaining read for the local paper, and emailed them a copy.

To cut a long story short, the newspaper turned the story into a weekend article, and I became 'a ghost hunter (who apparently doesn't believe in life after death) who has an obsession to solve the 50-year old mystery, and is desperate for people to come forward with information about the phantom.'
Read it here: Mair Park Ghost Mystery.

Harmless fun I guess... embarrassing, definately, but harmless nevertheless.

I had a call from the paper on Friday, the brother of the 'ghost' contacted them and spilled the beans about who really was the clever culprit and how he did it.

Read it here: Ghost Busted.

Mystery solved, case closed, everyone forgets the crazy youth pastor (hopefully)...

Not quite.

I have recieved a couple of mysterious emails lately. Apparently there is another 'Mair Park Ghost'. The email ends with the words...

"...the Ghost is closer than you think."

Creepy music starts now.


Fifi said...

Rest in peace 'Cabbie', long live Aslan! ;)

Rachel Kate said...

you know, it's been awhile since you've done a dressup sermon. Maybe this is the one you've been waiting for?