The house, the hand and the horror

I used to love visiting the 'Grange' during my childhood. The Grange was a huge old villa, owned by the Salvation Army and operated as a girls home until it was demolished in the late 80's. My 'Aunty' Janice worked there, and I was frequently mothered by all the girls at the home whenever Aunty Jan babysat me. Ever wondered how I became such a legend at knucklebones?

The house looked like the classic haunted mansion (see photo above, courtesy of Salvation Army national archive), and is the where 'the incident' took place. It was Sunday evening and for some reason only Aunty Jan and myself were in the house. There was a storm outside, and while Jan dissappeared to do whatever it was she did, I settled down in the massive living area to watch some light entertaining family movie on the big old TV. Unfortunatly the family movie was in fact an old 1950's black and white horror film starring Vincent Price.

Imagine a young and very-impressionable boy, left practically all alone in a spooky old house on a dark and stormy night, watching a horror movie about being practically all alone in a spooky old house on a dark and stormy night... you get the picture.

The scene in the movie that is forever imprinted on my memory, was when a door opens and a clawed hand comes out of nowhere and reaches for a lady (actual scene below).

I never watched any more of the movie that night. After the 'hand' appeared, I ran out of the lounge, scared out of my wits, half screaming/half crying out for aunty Jan, thinking that she had left without me, and thinking that the hand was after me.

Aunty Jan eventually found me, calmed me down and drove me home. The 'Grange' was demolished, I grew up, got married, had kids and the incident was all but forgotten... until last Saturday, when I spotted 'the hand' on the back of a DVD cover in the bargain bin at the Warehouse.

Curious to know how the movie finished, and if the movie was as scary as it was over 25 years ago, I bought it for the upcoming date-night with DW.

Watching a classic 50's horror flick ('horror' is somewhat overstated... more like 'ever-so-slightly-suspensful'...), about a guy dressed up with a clawed bat-glove, scaring people with rubber bats... while trying to find a million dollars hidden somewhere in an old building, was an enjoyable evening. Goodtimes.

Spoiler: I really thought 'the bat' was the butler, but it turned out to be the...


lesmondj said...

Just wondering if Baron Sylas Greenback's claw ever freaked you out?

It must be Paisley Jades turn to choose a DVD for your date night. If I may be so bold...(check this out)

Little Women (1994) -
With her husband off at war from Civil War-era New England, Marmee March (Susan Sarandon) is left alone to raise her four daughters - her " little women" - the spirited Jo (Winona Ryder), who longs for a career as a writer; beautiful, conventional and conservative older sister Meg (Trini Alvarado); fragile and innocent Beth (Claire Danes); and the precocious romantic Amy (Kirsten Dunst and Samantha Mathis). As the years pass, the sisters share some of their most cherished - and painful - moments of self-discovery as they become women and are guided through issues of independence, romance and virtue. Directed by Gillian Armstrong. Starring Winona Ryder. Based on the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. that sounds promising Burton ;)

Symon said...

Lesmond... It's called a 'date-night' not a 'torture-husband-night'! I took DW to see Little Women at the flicks about a decade ago... yawn. She enjoyed 'The Bat' heaps more.

Jon Dylan said...

Hahah ever-so-slightly-suspensful.

Your spoilers are lame!

Jason said...

little women is a phenomenal movie!

Symon said...

Jason, you've got to be kidding me! (Then again, maybe you aren't... you did enjoy 'Polyanna'!)