I flew like Superman

In the summer of 1978 'Superman' hit the big-screen. The special effects were totally lame compared to today's CGI drenched superhero movies, but to an impressionable 4 year-old, Superman wasn't a movie... it was a documentary. I believed it was all real. So real, in fact, that I decided if Superman could fly, then so could I.

This is the story of the day I flew like Superman.

Of course, one just doesn't fly like a bird, or a plane just like that. It takes a lot of time, and a lot of practice, and practice I did, jumping of the paino stool so many times I lost count. I didn't actually fly around the room (sorry to disappoint you), but my imagination didn't know that. I guess, with my ever-so-mature 4 year-old brain, I concluded that, to fly like superman, I needed a little bit of help... and I knew just where to get that help. The Drake family's brand new trampoline.

I decided that my maiden flight should take place when the most people could see me. Everyone would gaze in awe, I would become famous, and from the quaint backyard of 17 Wallace Street I would begin my mission 'protecting the citizens of Earth' (like all good superheroes do). We had an extended family BBQ that night. Perfect.

I called family and friends over to watch me, as I was about to fly. I remember someone (probably my mum) telling me that I couldn't fly, I didn't believe her. I jumped as high as I could, leapt out as far as I could... and flew like Superman.

No, seriously I did. Arms straight out in front of me, staring off into the horizon with an 'off to save the world' expression on my face. Everyone gasped. I was the man.

2 seconds passed.

I realised that my flight was over, and before I could think, I hit the ground, hard... and bounced.

(It's a miracle I wasn't seriously hurt)

Real superheroes do not show that they are hurt, and I was no different. Picking myself up off the lawn, I walked around the corner out of sight to most, and bawled. Humiliated, winded, and my spirit crushed. The reality that I couldn't fly, hit me harder that I hit the ground.

Looking back, I am still amazed by the faith I had that day. There was no doubt in my mind whatsoever. I believed I could fly.

I miss those days.


Fifi said...

Am I a bad person because I laughed as I built a visual of this story?? ;)You had the theme tune running through your head didnt you?!! hehe classic.

ana said...

there's something very adorable about the faith of a child. I used to believe I could fly by wearing a raincoat on the lawn on a windy day. We actually would go out and try it. Once I did get lifted off the ground, you should have seen my excitment!!

Symon said...

Fifi: Can you remember when the squirrel sings 'I believe I can fly' (in Ice Age 2), while he's flying through the air then smacks into a tree trunk? Now that's classic!

Ana: You should write a post write about it!

Rachel Kate said...

oh to be a kid again and believe you can do the impossible... reminds me of when we used to find places to put the tramp so we could jump onto it. like off the roof, out of trees, off the top of the swingset hahaha

lesmondj said...

Are you sure you didn't hit your head Mandrake?

Symon said...

Lesmond. Not that time. I ran into a jungle-gym when I was 5, knocked myself out and had mean stitches in forehead. Probably explains a lot ;-)

Neen said...

Mmmm flying hey? I dreamt that I was flying once. I flew down the passage and into the loo. And then I woke up cos I wet the bed! (Let me point out that I was a kid when that happened!)