Ode to The Muppet Show

One of my first memories of television was watching The Muppet Show on Saturday nights with the whole family. It was pure magic, and unlike the Superman movie, I knew it was all make-believe (thank goodness).

My five favourite Muppet Show characters have always been (in order of greatness):

The Swedish Chief
Crazy Harry

I showed 'Mahnahmahnah' at youthchurch the other week. Most of the crowd wouldn't have been born when the song became famous. I don't know which was more entertaining... the video-clip or watching the people watching the video-clip.

Yes indeed, the magic of the Muppets really does span generations.

So, to add some happiness to your day, and to offer an antidote for those mid-week blues, here's Beaker singing 'Ode To Joy'. Enjoy!

(Expect more random Muppet posts in the future;-)


lesmondj said...

Absolutely classic! Love it! I was waiting and hoping for the electricity...ahhh...and it didn't dissapoint...GBU Beaker

Neen said...

Thanks Sy. That soooo made my day!
I must say that my fave muppet would have to be none other than Miss Piggy, followed by Fozzy bear, then Gonzo. I also like that chick with the blonde hair who plays guitar, not sure what her name is though.

Fifi said...

Very funny! I like the two old men...they are old, and make silly jokes..reminds me a bit of the Mandrake..hehe.

Symon said...

Yeah Fifi, I reckon the two old guys will be Les and I one day!

Rachel Kate said...

hay fifi when you're trying to get back at symz for the bad hair day comment, it helps when he doesn't agree with it huh... keep trying! i got ur back tehe

Rachel Kate said...

and loved this post! yep that friday was definitely entertaining watching all the "youth" faces :)