NZ Phantom Lion: The plot thickens

Since Carl Swanson's story (Click here for related post) was published, more people are claiming that they have seen a large cat roaming the countryside around Kaiwaka, NZ.

The NZ Herald reveals that Kaiwaka Chief fire officer John Bowmar, Quarry boss Scott Parker, and a local minister (all upstanding members of the community) have reportedly seen a large lion-like cat in the countryside surrounding the small Northland town.

What is really going on? My personal theories are as follows...
  • A lion has really escaped from Zion Wildlife Gardens.
  • Aslan is on the move.
  • Ferral cats are feeding on rats which have eaten genetically modified tomatoes from a secret laboratory (Sanctioned by Labour Government, situated underneath Kaiwaka Quarry), causing massive growth acceleration.
  • The Cowardly Lion accidentally stumbled upon a wormhole in the time/space continuim bridging Oz and Kaiwaka.
Please leave a comment if you have any better hypotheses.


Rachel Kate said...

Hmmm i think I definitely like the idea of the latest movie out: "Bridge to Kaiwaka; the lion returns". Could be the missing link to curing cancer though...

Fifi said...

Drake, you have a huge imagination!
I think it's ghosty, now that he's been found out, he is in discuise as a lion...after that, who knows! Maybe 'Big Foot' with appear roaming the fair countryside of Dargaville!

Symon said...

Chuck Missler says that only Genius's and young children and comprehend other dimensions. All kids have great imaginations, we seem to discourage it as they grow up. It's a shame really.