Revenge of the Mair Park Ghost

Before that fateful day when I decided to write about the Mair Park Ghost, I Googled the same three words, just to see if there was any other information about it. As I suspected, nothing came up. Absolutely zero.

A couple of months have passed, the mystery has been solved (actually there is an extremely surprising twist to the tale, but I will keep it underwraps for now), and I am rather tired of all the kind folk who have come up to me and asked me if I really do read my kids ghost stories. For the record, the answer is a big fat 'NO'.

Anyway, curiosity got the better of me tonight. I couldn't resist the tempation, and if persuaded by some unseen force (not), I typed in those three mysterious words once again "Mair Park Ghost".

Oh no. I discover that I am destined to be forever posted all over the net on bizarre websites, known as 'The Kiwi Pastor Who Hunts Mair Ghost'. (Sheesh)

Yes indeed, the ghost has had its revenge... for now anyway.

I know you are thinking about it... Three words 'Mair Park Ghost'... I dare you.


kristy said...

Can't wait for the secret squirrel information to be revealed! Great twist to the story...

lesmondj said...

That has to be the funniest can'o'worms that has been opened in a long time! The ravings of mandrake are clogging up cyberspace... heh!