Stellar Kart's latest is... stellar!

After two months of trashing 'Innocent' to death (bought the single on Itunes), I bought Stellar Kart's latest offering: Expect The Impossible. I usually stick to worship-orientated bands, but the video for 'Innocent' was so funny, that I stepped out of the boat of 'preferred music genre' and tried something different... Amen. I love these guys! Summing up the album in 5 words: catchy, happy, Christian, energetic, and 80's influenced. (I know what you're thinking, but 80's is a number, not a word ;-)

As young people get older they tend to progress (or regress, depending on how you look at it) to more milder Christian artists like 'Shaun McDonald' or 'Casting Crowns'. Must be the kidult in me, but I think I'm going in the opposite direction!

The album takes me back to the carefree days of going surfing, no mortgage, and no renovations. I have an attitude toward depressing Christian music (should there be such a thing?), and Stellar Kart has a great message in every song, and is very uplifting while tackling some of the 'depressing' issues of life... like wondering-if-the-right-person-will-ever-come-along for example. Here's some lyrics of 'The Right One' just to prove my point...

It's time to say goodbye
Mistreated one too many times
Mistakes that I have made
Along with these tears will fade away in time
Some day I'll find...
The right one, my own shooting star
That someone, who won't break my heart
And I'll wait forever until we meet
You're one in a million
The right one for me

The band's style is: pop-punk/power-pop. I give it almost 3.75 out of 5. The whole family loves it, and after 3 months of thrashing, 'Innocent' is my still my 4-year old daughter's fav song of all time. She even requests that we sing it at Creche on Sunday! (Video below.)

Check out their website here.
Check out track samples of the album here.
Check out the official Stellar Kart youtube channel here.


kristy said...

I am going crazy from 'Innocent' being played over and over and over in the car... yay for the whole cd to listen to now.

Rachel Kate said...

very kewl symz. reminds me of my Insyderz days, sigh. i really should find that album!!

Fifi said...

Amen to that brother! It's my soundtrack ;) By the way...10 brownie points for buying Kristy those sweet chucks!