Swimming in the Devil's Pool

Absolute crazyness.

I thought these photos were fake until I did some snooping, and discovered to my amazement that they are very real.

They were taken at a swimming hole known as the 'Devil's Pool' at Africa's Victoria Falls (located on the Zambezi River and border Zambia and Zimbabwe).

How can people swim in the Devils Pool without plunging to certain death? Apparently, a natural rock ledge reduces the current and stops swimmers from being swept over the edge. However, at times of the year when the water flow is greater, the ledge does not offer enough protection for swimmers and a leisurely dip is not recommended.

Check out the video clip below, it really is hard to believe.

I think I will stick to handling spiders for my adrenaline rush!


lesmondj said...

Freaky stuff...sure is a lot more comfortable watching from Burton's Sofa. Thanks for the pimped out blogsite by the way...nice.

Fifi said...

There is only one thing scarier than these people hanging over the waterfall...and that is, the man wearing the speedos hanging over the waterfall! So wrong!

Neen said...

Well I reckon that the last picture looks like Symon and Jasher! No way!

Rachel Kate said...

fly fishing anyone?