Symon Drake... Ghostbuster (heh)

Hilarious if you ask me.

My 'Mair Park Ghost' post was spied by the Whangarei Leader (another local newspaper) a few weeks back, and I was interviewed the other day. I'm actually a bit over the whole ghost thing now, and was not looking foward to reading stuff which had been taken a little out of context as reporters do.

The article was in today's edition, and it is pretty good actually. Only one error... I don't read ghost-stories to my children.

Thanks heaps Deanna. (the reporter girl)
I'm getting a hankering to watch some classic 70's Scooby!


Neen said...

Ha! Nice one Sy! Man you are getting rather famous in this town. Hey I now have joined the land of bloggers!

ana said...

you are so awesome!

Symon said...

Shucks ana... You rock too!