Chicken Coop 1: Upmarket Bungalow

I realise that a few of my recent posts have had a darker tone lately... so, just to let you know that I am actually quite normal (considering), I would like to introduce you to our three hens (Buttercup, Cornflower and Daisy) and their chicken coop condo.

I decided to get the kids chickens for Christmas, and during the week before, I worked almost every waking hour (inbetween sleep and work and last minute Christmas shopping) building a home for them.

So the project, which started out being a simple, small and affordable home for the chooks, turned out to be a $300 coop from nam. The photos follow...

The hens are let out during the day (free-range), and pretty much avoid the coop completely unless they are sleeping, laying or broody. They actually preferred roosting in our lemon tree (even in the rain) until I cut their branch down and clipped their wings!

For you chicken admirers out there... Buttercup is a New Hampshire Red, Cornflower is a Buff Leghorn, and Daisy is a Blue Australorp. I have to say it... they are poultry in motion ;-)


lesmondj said...

Nice work Mandrake. Me thinks you've been reading a few too many 'dark' the way i finished the scam, very enjoyable. its in the book press, i'll bring it back soon :)