Body of Bigfoot found?

Still from the famous Patterson film

I've always been interested in Bigfoot (thanks to the various 'unsolved mysteries' books on the bookshelf growing up).

It is with some excitement that I read that a body of Bigfoot has apparently been found. states:

Two US professional Bigfoot hunters claim to have found a body of the legendary creature and will present evidence of the astounding discovery to the world's press and scientists tomorrow.

Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, who run Bigfoot expeditions, say they found a dead Bigfoot in the woods of north Georgia, in the southeast of the US, about two weeks ago and have put the carcass in a freezer.

They along with "the real Bigfoot Hunter" Tom Biscardi, who has endorsed the find, will front a press conference in California, where they say DNA and photo proof will be presented.

(Read the full article here.)

Am I skeptical? You bet. Am I hoping that they actually have found a Bigfoot? Definately!

Will keep you posted. Meanwhile, feel free to read about New Zealand's very own bigfoot here.

Cool discovery... the supposed body of a Bigfoot crammed into a freezer, while the hunters who claimed the find prepare to present more proof.


chewbacca said...

Of course I'm real... I'm even internet savvy

Loch Ness Monster said...

I'm gutted to hear he is dead...anyone know when the funeral is being held?

Jase said...

Who's chewbacca and loch ness monster??? You guys rock!

Nephilium said...

the funerals on tuesday