Lessons from the sick bed

Well folks, I'm finally feeling well enough to brave the world once again. Since Thursday I have been hit hard with a 'super flu' as the doctor poetically put it. I don't think I've ever been so crook...

Every muscle in my body ached (back and legs still do), and neuseous (couldn't even keep water down for 24 hours), and oh my aching head! It felt like I had a hot coal for a brain and the backs of my eye balls were resting on it (seriously)... for three days.

On Friday I felt like dying, but even then crawled along to hear my wife preach at youthchurch (that's got to be true love), although I spent most of the evening crashed in the church counselling room.

It's times like these that I am reminded again of the everyday things that I take so much for granted, and hardly ever thank God for (until I get really sick).

Did you think to thank God that you didn't throw up today?

...that you head didn't feel like a lava pool?
...that your spleen worked?
...that you have sight?
...and legs?
...and a neck that turns?
...did you thank God today that you don't have to carry a bag around every day attached to you for a toilet?

So, stop for a minute and thank God for the things that you haven't thanked Him for in a long time. There are billions of people who are much worse off than us, who are probably much sicker than us, who are living without the blessings that we take for granted everyday.

Thanks heaps to all of you who covered for me over the weekend... especially, Pastor Gary who preached for me on Sunday with only one days notice.

What is a spleen anyway?


Anonymous said...

poor syms...you must be getting better if you can blog again...WIll now remember to thank God for my precious spleen Jk*

Rachel Kate said...

so true! stoked your feeling better aye. did you have some of les' super scones...

kristy said...

I am so glad you are better - you look pretty sick in the photo you posted!

lesmondj said...

Glad u feelin' better Manny

Neen said...

It's not easy having the man flu is it?

Jon Dylan said...

Got nailed with a dose of sickness myself, came out of nowhere and I couldn't agree with your blog more.

Welcome back to reality!