My favourite places

I was thinking the other day about the places I like to be the most. Of course, anywhere with my wife and my kids would be a favourite place. I'm loving my nice warm bed and the fireplace during these cold winter evenings, daydreaming in the shower comes to mind also... but as far as specific (other than home) locations go, here are my top six:

6. The Public Library

Once a week after school we go on a family outing to Whangarei Library. It's a great place to be. Firstly... the kids love it, and DW and I have endeavoured to nuture a love for books in all our kids from birth, secondly... readers are leaders, thirdly... it has books about tanks (and cafe for wife), and fourthly... it's free.

5. The movies

I've always loved going to the movies. Sadly, movie theatres aren't as atmopheric as they once were (click here to see what I mean), but nevertheless, watching a great (and morally decent) movie with friends at Cinema 4 or 5 (1-3 just don't cut it anymore) at Cinema City 5 is always an awesome time.

4. Busbys Point

The photo says it all. This secluded fisherman's paradise was made famous by Lesmond J. Check out the story here.

3. Cyberspace

I just had to list it here. Cyberspace rocks! Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, Trademe... Of course cyberspace has it's dodgy spots, but so does Whangarei (the best town in the world!), you just need to avoid the dark alleys...

2. Church

Worshipping God, being equipped to be His hands and feet, hanging out with friends, encouraging each other... what more can I say. Everyone needs to go to church, and regularly!

1. The secret bush walk behind my place

About 1 minute's walk from our backyard is a rarely used native bush walk, which loops back to the beginning, and takes about thirty minutes to complete. Perfect for walks with Jesus! This definately is my favourite place to be!


kristy said...

What a cool post... I might have to copy and do my top 5 places to be. The Library rocks - especially the Robert Harris Cafe. Never been on the Jesus bush walk yet though.

Fifi said...

O M Gosh! In the band the blonde girl the one who was rumoured to have had morning tea with Brian Platt??!! You know some awesome people Symon ;)

Rachel Kate said...

did you know you can now add gadgets on your blog symz and they one about tanks?

Symon said...

fifi... you are so humble. RK... gadgets slow blog page down, even if they are about tanks ;-)

Neen said...

Guess your secret bush walk is no longer a secret anymore...great picture! I used to have a special place in Kamo where all you could hear were the hundreds of trees blowing in the wind....

Fifi said...

If I do say so myself :)