1978 Galactica in 2008

Paisley Jade left for the Sistas conference yesterday, so I've become 'Mr. Mum' again for a few days.

Last night I put the girls to bed early and us guys (my two sons and I) transformed the lounge into a home theatre by placing the sofa right up close to the TV (to make the 21 inches of screen look bigger) and turning out the light. I then introduced my boys to three episodes of the classic 1978-1980 Battlestar Galactica TV series... Retro TV at its best.

Talk about taking me back! I grew up on a healthy (or unhealthy) diet of Star Wars, Buck Rogers and Galactica and spent many hours as a lad pretending to be Starbuck and Apollo, and being terrified of the Cylons (I hid behind the couch on more than one occasion during the series).

Enough reminiscing already... back to last night. Even though I was frequently interupted by comments like "That looks fake dad" and "I can see the strings", the boys loved the episodes and a great night was had by all. There's nothing like a cheesy thirty year old Sci-fi TV series to bring a family together!

I don't recommend the 're-imagined' Galactica series of recent years. I've never watched an episode but Wikipedia tells me it's full of violence and heavily suggested sexual content. TV ain't what it used to be.

For those of you who completetly missed the original (everyone 30 and under), below is the opening theme.


lesmondj said...

haha that sounds like fun. Have the boys tried to be starbuck or apollo yet?

Symon said...

Nope. Mykah was confused as to who the baddies were right the way through. The boys aren't as 'TV saturated' as I was at their age ;-)

kristy said...

Just so everyone knows... he did a fab job while I was away... although I don't know about these creepy videos.

Symon said...

I'm sure you meant to type 'classic' instead or 'creepy'. Momentary lapse of reason I'm sure.