40 days without caffeine

July 31st was the last time I drank coffee, coke or energy drinks. 40 days ago. Partly because I was horribly sick at the time and partly because I was horribly addicted to caffeine and needed to do something about it (read the story here). A good friend of mine had just read a book on fasting by Jentezen Franklin, and told me about the benefits of going without a particular need (or want) for 40 days. I knew I needed to do that with caffeine.

Well, 40 days later and here I am, totally decaffeinated and feeling terrific (except for a sore neck, and twitchy eye, but that's another story). Funny thing is I don't even desire coffee anymore. I'm sure I'll have the odd one a day, but the craving's just not there like it used to be.

I wonder how many of us crave things we think we can't live without, when, in fact, have allowed ourselves to become addicted to 'wants' decieved into believeing they are necessities? When I think about it, I could actually live without broadband, mobile-phone and (gulp) Chuck Taylors... and I don't really need that 108 inch plasma screen the brochures say I 'must have', or the latest graphics-card and CPU to 'help me work faster'.

In reality, don't our 'think we needs' tend to waste our very precious time? How many of us would go through withdrawals if we couldn't get our daily Facebook fix? (Ouch, that hit a nerve.)

But I digress.

God has promised to meet all our needs according to His riches in glory (Philipians 4:19). That is incredibly reassuring, but perhaps the things I think I need are things I can easily do without?

Makes me think it does. (I wonder how much better I would think with a mug of plunger in my hand?)


Rachel Kate said...

hmmm well said symz... so many wants, so little time! Thank God for grace

lesmondj said...

Well done Syms! Suchy discipline needs a reward...no not coffee but a brand new reel...heh heh. Looking forward to our upcoming fish mish...roll on daylight's saving.

Jase said...

wow! That was almost a 'Nina' post! You should write a devotional. Good one Sym

Fifi said...

Wow Popa Symon, there really is a deep caffeine free well of wisdom within you! ;)