Burton... Symon Burton

For the first month of my life I was nameless. My brother (9 years old at the time) came home from school one day and suggested that I be called Simon. I was Simon from that day on.


When I was 9 years old I decided to change the 'i' to a 'y' (because Simon was too common and looked boring). I never have changed it legally, but my name is spelt Symon on every legal document I have except my passport (the 'i' on my original birth certificate was modified using a blue ball-point pen by my mum ;-).

The Hebrew meaning (variant of Simeon) is 'obedient, listening, to be heard'. The Greek meaning is 'snub-nosed'.


Burton is my dad's name. He was named after the doctor who delivered him... Dr. Burton. I never liked the name as a kid, but it has grown on me. It sounds really retro. I like retro.

The meaning of Burton is 'Fortified settlement'.


Originally Drake designated a man who kept the inn with the 'Sign of the dragon' (sounds mysterious, like a secret order or something).

The meaning of Drake is 'Dragon, or serpent'

Symon Burton Drake

So... Symon Drake, can literally mean 'snub-nosed dragon'. Yay for Spyro. In recent years I have been nicknamed 'The Mandrake', but I don't think people realise what the meaning of that is. I will save that for another post maybe.

Okay, back to my real name... Symon Burton Drake. Has a certain ring to it don't you think? I like my name (I've always thought it would look good on movie posters). Some people call me 'Sy', but between me and you, I dislike being called Sy! You can me 'Syms' (prouounced Symz) and that's fine by me.

Spyro signing off...


Fifi said...

Hmmm...I think I'll stick with Popa S. Or would you like Popa Snub? Yo represent.

Neen said...

So no more calling you Sy then. How about Sybur - Symon and Burton combined? Did you know that my folks were going to name me Symon if I was a boy?

Symon said...

No way! I never knew that. Symon with a y or Simon with an i?

Jon Dylan said...

I can't call you Sy Rogers anymore? Rats! Oh wait, never did. doh.

Spyro's awesome though, so maybe need to get that nickname going.