Chuck Taylors no.3

I am a happy man.

Last night after Flame (Youthchurch), I had to run an urgent errand. On the way back to church I made a slight detour to The Warehouse, because I had heard they had a clearance sale on Chucks ;-)

You may not believe this but I am now the proud owner of a brand new pair of White Hi-top Converse All Stars... and they cost me $9.97!

I am a happy man.


Fifi said...

I am officially really jealous...I've been wanting a pair of those for ages..come to think of it, I remember telling you that...yes, it's all coming back to me now, white chucks, I did tell you. Well they look great Symon I hope they bring you many years of great joy.

Rachel Kate said...

now those are some seriously cool shoes! way to go symz...