Great Snakes!

As many of you would know, I am quite fascinated by cryptozoology, not that I’m weird mind you (although I’m sure some of you would debate that), it’s just that there is overwhelming evidence that suggest there are animals out there that we haven’t discovered yet.

Which brings me to tonight’s post… giant snakes.

Giant snakes frequent world mythology, and they say that myths and legends always had their origins in truth. What many of you wouldn’t know, is that giant snakes could easily exist today.

Humans have a certain adult size. Once we become adults, we stop growing. Snakes, on the other hand, continue to grow well after adulthood. This means that potentially giant snakes could very well exist, if they are old enough. Fortunately, most snakes could never grow to mammoth proportions because their internal organs would crush under their own weight. However, a giant snake that spent most of its time in the water could survive.

The popular B-grade Anaconda movies have made the world’s largest snake popular in recent years. In reality, there are many sightings every year of snakes which are much bigger than the biggest recorded anaconda. Since the anaconda is a primarily water-dwelling snake, perhaps the movies are not as far-fetched as we think?

If giant snakes did exist, where is the photographic evidence? Funny you should ask… How could 125,000 gorillas remain undiscovered in the Congo until recently? I prove my point.

A few concluding points…

1. Fossils of giant snakes have been found which are unbelievably huge.

2. Giant snake tracks are almost impossible to fake (not like Bigfoot prints) and many tracks showing enormous proportions have been found in very remote places.

3. I’m sure you’ll will find the youtube clip below rather interesting.

Sweet dreams.


kristy said...

It's great to learn things that I would never really bother to research about myself... this was really helpful info for me as a mother and wife... thanks.

Lillian Gish said...

thats just nuts! isn't God amazing though to have created something like that...

Alex said...

I love reading your posts Uncle Symon, so interesting! The September blog a day thing is awesome - I look forward each day to what yours and Aunty Kristy's will be about lol

Symon said...

You rock Alex! Looking foward to catching up with you this Christmas. God bless heaps!