Mouse arrested!

I'm very happy to announce that the ever-so sneaky, and very illusive mouse which lived in my shed has been successfully captured using the MAM01 (Mouse Arrest Mark 01), a feat which standard mousetraps just could not do (even with peanut butter smeared on them).

I thought the culprit had earned the right to freedom, since he was so clever (and because I'm a big softy), so me and the boys let it go in the bush after breakfast this morning.

Cute little thing he was (pictured above minutes before his liberation)... tiny, hyper and covered in slippery cooking oil - thanks to the ingeniously designed MAM01.

Click here for the original 'Humane Mousetrap' plans by Manny Leger.


Rachel Kate said...

tehe i still think you should have fed him to your eel :) would have made a great sequel to house by ted dekker...