A post a day challenge

Paisley Jade and I have just challenged each other to "a post a day for the month of September".

I think I'm drastically disadvantaged though. I'm a man (if you hadn't already realised) and men use 7000 words a day. Women use 20,000. (You should hear my wife and mother-in-law when they get together... 40,000 words in stereo.)

Actually, I think men are the more intelligent of the sexes. Men communicate very well with each other using 13,000 less words than women. Now that's wise economy.

So for the next 29 days you will be get a daily post and an insight into the way my mind works (I don't even know).


Neen said...

We girls use more words cos we don't scratch, fart or burp to communicate! ;)

Anonymous said...

Dont ridicule these forms of communication they are a form of communication passed from father to son and bypass all language barriers, oh an you forgot grunting to

Rachel Kate said...

i don't know about that... i'm pretty sure Jon talked WAYYYY more than me on the trip to Mawson's house tonight.

Symon said...

Jon, talking?