Rats... we've got mice.

The rodent shennanigans continue.

I took a sheet of Jibb off the kitchen wall the other day in search of an elusive smell (but that's another story, which you can read here). Curious as to whether we only had one resident rodent or more, I set a trap. Morning came, there was no dead mouse, nor was there any peanut butter left on the trap.

Rats... we've got mice.

Although I love the furry little creatures, I do not appreciate the thought of them in our kitchen going on midnight pantry raids. I have a cat, Barney is his name. He stays inside most nights. You'd think he would be a mouse deterrant. But no, he seems permanently attached to the sofa. So, reluctantly, I set the trap again last night in the kitchen wall (the MAM01 wouldn't fit). This morning I was greeted by a very dead mouse.

I gave the poor thing a respectable farewell, then fed it to our eels.


kristy said...

I didn't want to look at it and then was confronted by a pic on your blog - yuck!

Jon Dylan said...


Fifi said...

Not so cute when you realise they are pig-flesh eating rodent scavengers, huh?!!

Rachel Kate said...

i like eels. great post symz :)