Statler and Waldorf go snowboarding

On Friday night I had never been on a snowboard. On Saturday morning I found myself at the very top of the slope with only one way down. On Saturday afternoon I was 'pulling off some sweet jumps' and riding over Herbie. On Sunday morning I had the sorest muscles I've ever had.

It was Lesmond J's birthday treat and I accompanied the man himself and Josh 'Big Rig' to Snowplanet for the day.

Thank you Lesmond for being a great friend!
Thank you Jacksta for the complimentary ticket!
Thank you Josh for driving us there and back and for the great company!
Thank you Shauny and Matty P. for the loan of the gear!
Thank you (most of all) God that I didn't dislocate my arm again or break a bone!



Fifi said...

Looks awesome! I'm a bit jealous..I still haven't touched snow. Your jump over Herbie looks shibby!

Symon said...

Well actually, that's not exactly me over Herbie. It's my stunt double. Our action shots were too blurry. Shame really.

Fifi said...

Good job on the stunt double then!

Neen said...

That definitely beats going down a slope on a borrowed tauporline (how do you spell that anyway?)

Lillian Gish said...

Tauporline: T A U P A U L I N E
that comes from having an English teacher as a mother lol neens :)
nice jump btw symz. im jealous too. only ever been skiing once and never been on a snowboard. sigh.

banban designs said...

That looks like fun!

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