The Tripods Trilogy

I discovered these books in the library the other week and was enticed (by my randomness and memory of the retro TV series) to read them.

Written in the late sixties by John Christopher, the books are considered by many to be classic children/young adults fiction but instead of being Narnian fantasy, they are apocalyptical scence fiction.

The White Mountains
Earth (around 2100AD) has been conquered by enormous alien machines who have effectively stagnated human civilisation. When children reach their fourteenth birthday, they are 'capped' by the invaders (a mind-contolling implant is fused through their scalp into their brain). The capping ceremony is much looked forward to by everyone, everyone that is until a thirteen year old boy (named Will) learns the terryfying purpose of the caps and the true nature of the Tripods. Will escapes in search of the fabled 'White Mountains', a stronghold of human freedom fighters.

The City of Gold and Lead
After reaching the White Mountains, Will infiltrates the Tripod city to learn valuable information about the aliens. The problem is that no one has ever come out of the city, and Will must escape because humanity's survival depends on it.

The Pool of Fire
Will escapes to the 'League of Freemen' with information of the Tripods' plan to exterminate the human race. They launch a mission to defeat the aliens which is both suicidal and essential for the salvation of mankind.

Now for my two cents worth... I really enjoyed the books. Sure, they were written for a younger audience, but so are the Pixar movies, and adults love them!

I don't know about the author's religious views, but I got some really inspiring nuggets from the trilogy. I wont bore you with them all, but just to mention one... The 'capped' humans were blinded to the truth and intentions of the aliens. They lived their lives oblivious to their deception and oblivious to their bondage.

The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. (2 Corinthians 4:4)

The author wrote a prequel to the trilogy in 1998, but in my opinion (I'm currently half way through it), it doesn't seem to gel with the original 3 books. Having said that, I found it intriguing how the Tripods originally decieved mankind through television. (The late Anton LeVay, founder of The Satanic Church, believed that television was the major mainstream infiltration for the Satanic religion.)

Rumour has it that the trilogy is to be made into a movie. I can't wait to see it.


Rachel Kate said...

sounds great! love ur book reviews symz...

Symon said...

Thanks heaps RK. Always appreciate your comments!

Little Dee said...

Intriguing.... It's wonderful knowing someone else enjoys kids books and movies. Do you also do crazy dances?? Surely someone out there understands....
Really enjoy your blogs Sy

Symon said...

Hiya Little Dee! You need to ask Paisley Jade about my crazy dances sometime ;-)