Chick flicks have done me good

I would consider myself a bloke's bloke. Yes, I absolutely love paintball, superhero movies, good old fashioned wrestling matches, and of course explosions (Pride and Prejudice would be so much better with a few of those ;-).

However. I also think that blokey brovado is many times a cover up for men who find it incredibly difficult to open up emotionally.

Us guys must remember that while (imo) Jesus would have given His disciples the occasional wedgey (would it work with togas?), He also loved mercy and compassion, He had an extravagant relationship with His Father, and His security in who He was was evident in His interaction with everyone. In other words... He was man enough to cry and not be ashamed about it.

Do churches need to be more man-friendly? I'm not so sure. Who said creative flower arrangements couldn't be admired by guys? Are worship songs too girly? I'm so not sure. In many countries it is heroic for men to sing to their sweethearts... are we too manly to serenade God anymore?

(Sheesh... what have chick flicks done to me?)


Patrick said...

Wow Symz! Impressive. Took guts for you to write this post I must say so well done... and watching a couple of chick flicks certainly doesn't make you less of a man! In fact, in the women's eyes, probably makes you more :)

arna said...

so true Symon.
I'm proud of you :D

oh, and don't forget - you can't live without those 'felines' or 'heavenly creatures' as Lou Contesse would put it.

mypasswordisnogood said...

Yes I think that is all true .... us Kiwi males could show our feelings more, and we could be 100 per cent more demonstrative during worship.... But blokes still need outlets in Church. We (I) do not like sitting still listening to stuff for a long period of time. And I believe most men are the same. For that reason, I think men need an outlet for service during church(read "doing" work, helping, feeling useful without feeling used).
The most memorable things about Church life for me over 28 years have been extra-ordinary times of worship, healings and the times when church men have got together and worked on projects. Ask me to remember any sermons and I struggle.
I honestly believe that the ONLY purpose of sermons is to get us to cry out to God and ask for His help and His changing power. When that happens, the sermon has done it's job and is not important anymore.
Perhaps some Pastors may feel that sermons are hugely important and effective, but unless the Holy Spirit (the King's messenger) speaks to our hearts during the giving of it, in my opinion we would be better serving God by praising Him instead :)

Symon said...

Wow mypasswordisnogood... Thanks for your thoughts. I think it depends on the type of person we are. Some people think sermons are the most powerful, others think worship is the most powerful... Frankly, both are a waste of time if the Holy Spirit doesn't permeate them. Jesus spent most of His time praying, preaching, and serving. He is the ultimate role-model for us. God bless.