I watched a chick flick

Firstly, to reassure some readers that I am not watching anything dodgy, let me define what a chick flick is. Trusty Wikipedia says:

'Chick flick' is slang for a film designed to appeal to a female target audience. The term was first used in the 1980s, a decade during which such chick flicks as Beaches were released. Although many types of films may be directed toward the female gender, 'chick flick' is typically used only in reference to films that are heavy with emotion or contain themes that are relationship-based.

Last night I watched a chick flick. The only other genuine chick flick I've ever seen is 'Little Women'. Before I married Paisley Jade I took her to see it (guys do the most illogical things when they are in love). The Little Women experience pretty much put me off chick flicks for life. I mean, I am a guy... I like movies with explosions, not emotions.

Our typical date night DVDs have usually involved viewing more masculine movies (the most recent being 'Rescue Dawn'), but I have become convicted. So, I took the plunge and Paisley Jade and I watched 'Pride and Prejudice'. I have to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Of course, it could have been much better... I'm sure they could have written an explosion or two into the screenplay.

So, if any of you can recommend any more good, clean and moral 'chick flicks' please leave a comment. I'm sure I can endure watching the odd one occasionaly (in between 'real films' that is ;-)


Patrick said...

real films? hahaha symz you crack me up! well i own the bourne series plus all 3 pirate movies if you ever wanted to borrow them... but good classics I reckon would have to be Emma, Sense & Sensibility (modern version), The Scarlet Pimpernel, & Everafter

Jon Dylan said...

Yeah, I watched this movie too, and the best part about it without a doubt, is the music. Written and conducted by Dario Marianelli, it's some of the most emotive classical (but subtly modern) music I have ever experienced.

Neen said...

Okay here's one that has it all, sword fighting, treasure hunting, faith, twists and a little romance.

Count of Monte Christo

A must see!!!

Little Dee said...

Exactly Jon, i love the music in this movie. One of the best scenes has to be when Elizabeth is looking from that mountain when she's with her aunt and uncle. The combination of music and scenery is amazing. I can think of a number of movies Syms, but they're a bit girly.

PaisleyJade said...

List away girls... he needs lots of girly movie ideas to bring home... I'm sick of sci-fi and war movies ALL THE TIME!

Jon Dylan said...

I've heard that Rambo is a pretty girly movie

Hey darls, you can borrow my p&p soundtrack if you want. You can't even buy it in nz, had to order it from the states. Craziness I tell you.

Patrick said...

count of monte christo yeah thats a good one! oooh while you are sleeping is pretty funny!

Jon Dylan said...

I'm sure if you talk nicely to Jamie he'd let you borrow his Band of Brothers box set. Those are pretty girly movies too ;)

Symon said...

Okay, okay. Paisley Jade's comment makes me sound like I'm a warmongering, violence-craving, George Lucas freak. Let me correct some wong perceptions.
1. I don't have much time for movies.
2. There's not a lot to choose from these days if you don't want to watch immoral rubbish.
3. I dislike violent movies, although in an anti-war film context (like Private Ryan) it's passable.
4. I have not seen the last four Star Wars movies.
5. Napoleon Dynamite rocks!

Jon Dylan said...

Okay, okay. Elvis Priestly makes me sound like I'm an off-key, modulation-craving, Darlene Zschech freak. Let me correct some wong perceptions.
1. I don't have much curry on my toasted sandwiches
2. There's not a lot to choose from these days if you don't want to watch your weight
3. I dislike violent chicken killers, although in an anti-war life context (like Lucky's story) it's passable.
4. I have not seen the last of Dave Wiggins.
5. Napoleon Bonaparte is coming to flame this Friday!

Jimmy & Freda said...

hay wasn't there a fencing scene in P & P? Maybe not quite as dramatic as an explosion but still, it was action right?

Symon said...

Jimmy & Freda... Not in the P&P that I saw. Believe me, I would have noticed if there was!

Symon said...

jon is a cheeky monkey

Fifi said...

I'm still waiting for my Mr. Darcy....sigh

Jimmy & Freda said...

I know how to spell pryde but how do you spell prejardoes?