18 babies in the palm of my hand

The pic says it all.

At least 18 4-day-old baby mice, all in the palm of one hand.

I don't even know if they are all Zipporah's either. It seems my other mouse 'Noname' may have been pregnant also. Anyway, they are both sharing the mothering role and are raising all eighteen as if they were their own.

So, if any of you would like a cute and cuddly pet mouse for Christmas (only $3 each... what a bargain ;-), you know what to do.

Kate, I know you can't resist.


sewfunky said...

aaargh! They look kinda creepy to me. Adult ones are only somewhat less creepy! I think I'll stay with my chickens!

Fifi said...

You should be paying people to take them!!!!!!!!!

Symon said...

Fifi... Christmas is coming.

jacksta said...

maybe someone who has a pet snake might like them for live food!

Katie said...

hahaha jacksta... i think they're cute. maybe i could get one and they could be company for my fish tehe