Filling now or root-canal later

Growing up in the 70's and early 80's, dental hygiene wasn't a priority like it is today. Boy, I wish it was.

A couple of years ago I had a cavity filled. At the time, the dentist said that I had a minor cavity on another tooth, and that I should get it filled sooner than later.

I remember thinking four things at the time...

1. Dentists must be the richest people in the world.
2. My left eye won't close (due to the anasthetic), I hope the assistant doesn't mistake my blinking for winking.
3. When I have $150 to spare I'll get the cavity filled (yeah right).
4. When it starts to hurt too bad, then I'll get the cavity filled (more like it).

(Present day) For the last month I have had a very sore tooth (understatement), and visited the dentist today.

The dentist gave me no option, I walked out of the surgery...

... with half a root-canal done (to be completed at the next appointment),
... alot poorer (root-canals are about ten times more expensive than fillings),
... with some spiritual parrallels.

Burton's pearls of dental wisdom (with spiritual overtones) follows:

1a. We eat food (no kidding) which, if we don't brush regularly (etc.) will eventually cause tooth decay.

1b. We live in a fallen world which, if we don't spend time with God regularly, will cause spiritual decay.

2a. It's our responsibility to keep our teeth healthy, but only dentists can fix teeth.

2b. It's our responsibility to keep our lives healthy, but only God can forgive sin and cleanse from all unrighteousness.

3a. If cavities aren't repaired when they are minor, decay sets in, causes great pain, and the only option is a root-canal or (gulp), extraction.

3b. If spiritual 'cavities' (bad atttitudes, offences, wrong thinking, sin etc.) aren't sorted when they are minor, spiritual decay sets in, causes great pain, and the only option is to be operated on by God (which can be very humbling, painful, and expensive).

4a. Dentists don't want to cause us pain, they genuniely want us to have healthy teeth. It maybe painful when they repair the damage though, for healing to come.

4b. God doesn't want to cause us pain. He loves us more than we can know, and genuinly wants us to have healthy lives. It maybe painful when He repairs the damage though, for healing to come.

(Neen will be so proud)


PaisleyJade said...

feel the pain

arna said...

that is real good analogy Syms! Impressive.
Hope your tooth is feeling ok.

Neen said...

Symon I AM so proud! You definitely deserve the Bundy this week (and feel free to give my unclaimed bundy from last week to a friend!).

So how do we spiritualize false teeth then?

Katie said...

great post Symz! so true...