Zipporah is pregnant

My boys are getting pet mice for Christmas. I reckon every boy should have a mouse at least once in his lifetime. When I was young I had a few, and then progressed to rats. It's amazing how one can get attached to an animal so small (ask Paisley Jade what happened when one of my pet rats 'got put to sleep' sometime).

But I digress.

Attaining baby mice isn't as easy as you would think. So my plan was to buy a girl mouse, buy a boy mouse, play some mood music ('Love is in the air' comes to mind.) and viola... on Christmas day, the boys can pick from about 10 ready-to-be-weaned cute and fluffy baby mice.

Meet Zipporah. A long haired, white and brown spotted mouse. She's grown on me, and I'm fairly sure I'm the only 34 year old in Northland who has a pet mouse in my bedroom.

She is extremily pregnant, and is the fattest mouse I've ever seen! Delivery day is tomorrow.

So, post a comment with your guess as to how many babies she will have, and if you guess right, you can have one for free ;-)


Katie said...

6, but you can keep the free one :) I'd much rather have a hamster or a real animal... ie a good sized dog!

PaisleyJade said...

I reckon 9 - but do not want the free baby either... actually would love to have no mice whatsoever in our room!!!

Symon said...

A bit of squeaking in the mnouse house today! I reckon she has had 13. We shall see in a couple of days.