The date night of doom

On Monday night Paisley Jade (wife) and myself had a date night. All four kids were fast asleep, so we moved the sofa closer to the TV, turned out the lights and snuggled up to watch 'August Rush' (movie recommended by Lesmond J)...

The DVD case said the movie ran for almost 2 hours... It lied. The following events of our 'date night' will show you how easily a 2 hour movie can transform into a three hour dilema.

1. We hit the 'Play' button... so far so good.

2. About 30 minutes into the movie we hear a big bang, followed by unearthly wailing coming from the girls room. Our 4 year old had fallen out of bed onto her head. After about 15 minutes of mum comforting her, she finally settles down and falls back to sleep.

3. Back to watching the movie.

4. We hear a scuffling noise coming from behind the sofa, and discover our stealth sleep-walking 7 year old son in laa-laa land walking in circles, in the dark. This is usually a sure sign that I have exactly seven seconds to get him to the toilet or else...

5. Whew, made it. Tuck son into bed, back to watching the movie.

6. Crying erupts from the girls room. No, no one has fallen out of bed this time... it's much worse. Our almost 2 year old has just vomitted all over herself, her hair and her bed. Goodtimes.

7. Paisley Jade changes the bed and washes the sheets while I give our darling daughter a bath and wash half-digested tomatoes (among other unrecognisable and reeking food items) from her hair... without complaining I might add. (Did I mention I am superdad?)

8. Finally, back to the movie.

9. About three quarters of the way through the film and the movie freezes. After several attempts to stop, start, skip, fast foward etc. nothing works. We eventually resort to watching the rest of the film huddled around the laptop computer.

10. Movie ends... what a mission.

Now is that romantic or what!


PaisleyJade said...

That is so funny - and so true.

Jon Dylan said...

11. We find Big Foot has used the last of the toothpaste in the bathroom again and not opened a new one.

12. Go to the bedroom and see that DOC has bulldozed it to plant a grove of Pines.

13. Realise that the tent we now have to sleep in wasn't dried before being put away last time, and now has 32 gaping holes in the top of it.

14. All thoughts of "Oh well, at least it's a beautiful starry night" are put out of our mind as Hurricane Katrina chooses that very moment to tear through our backyard.

15. We start to wonder if August was really worth the Christmas rush after all.

Neen said...

Oh guys never a dull moment at your house huh!!?? Makes for good reading though. Hey at least Jasher had a sound nights sleep.

Katie said...

all i can say is, why jon?

tehe and you love trying to put people off having kids dont you symz?

Symon said...

Katie, on the contrary... I think everyone should have kids. Carrying them around gives you big guns ;-)

Katie said...

and that's something i would want why? to attract the ladies perhaps... u have a twisted sense of humour lol

Sophie said...

omgoodness, that makes our night last night where my 6 year old daughter peed in her bed twice and we had to change ALL her linen each time... mild, I'll be reading your post to my husband so that he realizes what a good night we had!

sewfunky said...

I'm sure that that story repeats itself in homes all over the world! Our girls are a little older than your wee ones, but it's always the same thing. We've resorted to paying exorbitant amounts for babysitters just so we could get away from the mad house!