The day Taloola crowed

I thought Taloola was a just a really big hen, until recently, when my son mentioned that he saw her 'riding on the other hen's backs'. And so, we realised that she was actually a 'he'... and Taloola became Mr. Taloola.

Surprisingly, Taloola never crowed until today (perhaps his name confused him somewhat). He sealed his fate at 5.30am this morning, when his masculinity kicked in and for the first time he was the king of the roost. Unfortunately, keeping roosters is illegal in urban areas of NZ. Seeing that free-range chicken meat is very expensive and that Christmas is only a few days away, I decided that Mr. Taloola would give his life for a worthy cause.... Christmas lunch.

My brother, his wife and son are staying for a few days. This afternoon, as I dispatched Taloola (with my rather blunt garden-machette), little did I realise that my nephew was watching... in horror.

A scene from Napoleon Dynamite immediately came to mind... and although the situation was unfortunate, I can't help but smile.


MissElizabeth said...

We have a cockatiel that's lightyears old. We bought 'Norman' from a previous owner, who said Norman was a he. The previous owner had bought him from a pet store who also said it was a he. Then the other day, out of the blue and after living for...oh I'd say at least ten years, 'Norman the he' laid an egg..then 3 more! We still call HER Norman because that's HER name and SHE knows it.

lesmondj said...

I dare say the young nephew will not be partaking in the Christmas 'Turkey'

Hope you haven't turned him in to a vegan...heh heh.

You might have to invest in a shot gun rather than the old blunt machete...'BOOM!'

Chicken patties :)

Katie said...

mmmm chicken.... tehe your nephew will just have to grow up quickly won't he

Sophie said...

Not quite sure why you can keep hens but not roosters (is it just the crowing?). MissElizabeth - seems to me you have now have Norma instead of Norman.