A Treasure Deep by Alton Gansky

The wealth is unbelievable. The impact on history immeasurable. The danger unimaginable. And Perry Sachs is just the man for the job.

I finished Alton Gansky's 'A Treasure Deep' the other day. When I saw it on sale and read the backcover, the Indiana Jones inside of me just couldn't resist. The book's plot revolves around one archaelogical dig containing a relic which will undoubtedly be the biggest discovery in modern history, effectively re-writing all the history books and confirming the Christian faith beyond all doubt. The problem is that the reader is kept guessing as to what the 'relic' is for most of the book. Cleverly written, fun and fustrating. Gansky's writing contains less action than I usually enjoy, but his characters and the cleverly written dialoge between them makes up for it.

Perry Sachs has just become my favourite protagonist and 'A Treasure Deep' contains the best conversation I have ever read in a novel. A portion of that conversation follows...

"The few times I've told my story to a Christian, they immediately try to explain things away. They say they're sorry, then try to explain why it's not God's fault. So go ahead. Who knows; maybe you'll say something new."
"You don't want to hear what I have to say."
"What no pity? No pat answers to deliver from the Word of God? No 'You'll get to see them all in heaven'? You dissappoint me. Go on, regale me with your Christian wisdom. I want to hear it.
"You're an idiot."
"What... what?" she spluttered.
"I said You're an idiot. You blame God because you've faced a tragedy.You want fairness in an unfair world. You want sinless behaviour from sinners..."

Perry... my hero.

A Treasure Deep scored an average reviewer's rating of 4 stars out of five on amazon.com. It is Book One in a trilogy of 'Perry Sachs' mysteries. It is followed by 'Beneath The Ice' and 'Submerged' (I gave myself 'Submerged' for Christmas ;-)

Beneath The Ice
At the bottom of the world lies a secret: a mysterious object buried three miles beneath the Antarctic ice. Famed engineer Perry Sachs and his crew face subzero temperatures, shifting ice, and the opposition of men determined to erase all knowledge of the expedition.

While Henry Sachs lies in a hospital bed, dying from a mysterious illness, Perry must uncover the secrets of his father's past to try to save his life. Perry believes that Henry's condition stems from a time when he worked to investigate a secret underground base not built by the U.S. After a year of research yielded almost no information, a drastic decision was made: To prevent the base's unknown builders from ever returning a dam was built, flooding the area. What holds Henry Sachs in its grip? Can Perry face his toughest excavation yet-and find out before it's too late?


PaisleyJade said...

Sounds great... can I borrow your copy?? I promise I won't leave creases....

jacksta said...

K' you're such a crack up

Katie said...

sounds great! just finished red and have started on thunder of heaven. man they'r great. i still love alistair maclean tho :)