Flannelgraph is born!

Any church-going kid growing up in the 70's will remember Flannelgraph only too well. It was THE Christian storytelling tool back in the day. Nowadays, it is nothing more than a nostalgic memory (although I'm sure some retired Sunday school teachers would still swear by it.)

I love reading, especially stories which strengthen my faith in Christ. I also love recommending good books to others. So, I have come up with a cunning plan. To create a blog where myself and other like-minded friends can share our views on the various novels we've read... hopefully encouraging you to buy them, read them, be encouareged, and support the authors in using their gifts to glorify God.

What better name to call this... than 'flannelgraph'.

Click here to visit flannelgraph. It's only a day old, and the other intended contributors are away on holiday at the mo, so there isn't much to read yet. Please click the FOLLOW button once you arrive, as there will be a review posted every couple of days.

God bless, and happy new year!


JaneDoh! said...

Looking forward to reading your review of 'The Hunted' by Mike Dellosso - read in a morning (thanks for the lend and not a crease to be found...).

Symon Burton said...

Hiya JaneDoh! Awesome username! God bless!

GB said...

What an AWESOME idea! I will post a link. Hubby and I always looking for someone to point us in the right direction for Christian literature. OUr local library has a fantastic, up-to-date selection so I can basically print off and take in! (what happens when you live in the bible belt!)

Symon Burton said...

Thanks heaps GB!