Nana was kung fu fighting

Nana passed away when I was a tween. She lived out of town and I never saw her all that much. She was an elderly, eccentric, half-Italian lady, who knew a lot of grief in her lifetime.

One memory of her that always makes me smile is the time she stayed with us a few days during the school holidays in the eighties.

It seemed like Nana lived for soap operas and no one could pry her from the television set during her daily helping of Young And The Restless, Days Of Our Lives and other similar drivel.

I was going through a Jackie Chan phase at the time and had absent-mindedly forgotten to eject 'Project A' (Jackie Chan classic) from the video player, when it was Nana's turn to watch the tele.

Nana must have wondered why her much-loved soaps had become so action-packed all of a sudden, because unbeknownst to me at the time, she had accidentally pushed 'Play' on the remote and watched Jackie Chan for two hours!

Wax on wax off Nana! The following youtube clip is dedicated to you ;-)


Katie said...

Good times :) watched jackie chans latest last night... was so boring haha definitely think his older stuff was better aye

PaisleyJade said...

So funny - she probably secretly was into kung fu movies when no one was home!

Sophie said...

Go Jackie Chan!!! I'll bet your Nana was riveted!

Jon Dylan said...

That video is insane!! Does Jackie Chan have a death wish or just far too much testosterone?

jacksta said...

Wish I had know who he was when I was being teased as Jackie Chan in intermediate. Doh...could a made it cool. :(