R.I.P Burton's DeLorean

You are feasting your eyes upon the blog formally known as Burton's DeLorean.

I grew tired of looking at the 2008 layout, and since discovering that the DeLorean is on Time magazine's 50-worst-cars-of-all-time list (click here), the name just had to go.

So here you have it... May I present to you 'B is for Burton' (kinda catchy if I do say so myself ;-)


banban designs said...

Oh thats sad....Kerry thought the DeLorean was pretty cool too, obviously not the opinion of the rest of the world! Have fun creating the new blog....I look forward to seeing come together.

Mike Dellosso said...

Symon, say it ain't so. One of the worst cars? But Back to the Future . . . it was a hit. I'm very disappointed. Well, I don't care what the mucky-mucks say, it's still my favorite car.