The Whippet made me do it

I've always been a cat guy. For a few legitimate reasons too mind you, among them being...
  • Dogs smell
  • I never grew up with a dog... because they were, well, smelly.
  • I was bitten by a dog at primary school.
  • I had an unpleasant experience with a friend's over-friendly dog.
  • I've stepped in more than my fair share of poop in my lifetime.
  • Dogs sniff you in the most awkward of areas, at the most embarrassing time (have you ever noticed that dog owners usually laugh when their dog is humiliating you?).
  • I was almost mauled by my friend's guard-dog (slight exaggeration).
  • I was bitten by the in-laws dog (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) and had to have a week off work.
  • I've watched a few episodes of "It's me or the dog".
  • My son almost got mauled recently by a giant Alsatian (while fetching his basketball from the in-laws' neighbours yard).
  • Did I mention dogs smell?
Despite the far-from-exhaustive list above, and although I've always come across as a hard-nosed feline-preferee, I have always secretly dreamed of owning a dog. Lately that dream has become a rather gnawing hankering for a puppy (Mum and Dad, if you are reading this... please don't stop breathing).

If only dogs didn't smell...

Dreams have a funny way of coming true. I have been researching breeds like mad over the last week, devouring a stack of dog books from the library, been taking various online 'perfect dog for me' tests and have discovered that there is actually a breed that blows away all my preconceived ideas, and arguments casued by past unfortunate dog events...

Introducing the Whippet. Get this (and I quote)...

"Whippets are virtually odour-free."

The ironic thing is that both Paisley Jade and I have always liked the look of Whippets, and the more I read, the more I realise how incredible and how awesome these little hounds are... Almost too good to be true in fact.

I can feel myself turning to the darkside (and becoming a dog-lover). Mum, Dad... keep breathing.


Rhys said...

Whippet interesting, deffinitely need plenty of exercise - what are they like with kids.
Are you going to eleborate on this bad experience? ;)

Symon Burton said...

Absolutely awesome with kids! No... I prefer not to think about it.

Rachel Kate said...

see, i knew you'd come round symz... was only a matter of time. poor kristy tho

Neen said...

Well I must say that this dog looks like it belongs in the Drake family! Now for some names:

"Mr Whippy"

"Whipped Cream"

"Whip it up with Dairy Whip"

PaisleyJade said...

yes, poor Kristy. I am sure she would be happy to receive lots of chocolates and cards from anyone wanting to send their sympathies her way.

Jon Dylan said...

Whiplash, call him whiplash.

Did a dog push you off a high waterfall when you were a kid?