Great Snakes: the slither continues...

And just when you thought my giant-snake obsession was over!

While having some brief down-time and browsing some crypto blogs I came upon the above photo (click on image to enlarge). The caption translated follows (the original photograph has it written on the back):

"This is a ‘jiboia’ snake of which only part appears. It has approximately 48 meters and was found on the ‘Jari’ Lake, ParĂ¡ state, where some people say there are no Big Snakes. On 11/10/1949".

The photo is authentic but there is no way to accurately judge the size of the snake. 48 meters sounds impossibly huge... but even if it was half that size, it would be an absolute monster! states the photo was originally published in April 28, 1949, in Brazilian newspaper... "The snake was alleged 45 meters, and was found on the Rio Abuna."

A photographer has commented that the snake could be very close to the camera and its apparent size could very well be be just a perspective trick.

It's nice to imagine it's real anyway... in the relative safety of my house in 'snakeless' New Zealand.


lesmondj said...

It did look big until you mentioned that possible photo trick and then doubt set in...48 inch sea snake...heh!

Snake Myths said...

Amazing how many people are ready to buy into these ideas of monster sized snakes. How come no one ever talks about monster sized deer and elk?

Rhys said...

Les I don't know what would be worse arn't sea snakes suposed to be the most poisnous? dam reptiles with v'd tounges - if they crawl kill them all I say