We see what we want to see

My sons reckoned they saw a UFO today (I was quick to remind my eldest that the last UFO he saw turned out to be a seagull). Like father like son.

Ever since I watched 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind' as a kid, I've been fascinated by UFO phenomena. As a Christian, I definitely believe there is something out there, but I don't suspect they come from other worlds... more like the demonic realm. I have an essay that I'll post here one day, and might even tell the story of the time I gate-crashed a UFO cult meeting when I was 'zealous without knowledge' and told them quite impolitely exactly what I thought of their beliefs ;-).

But for now I would like to prove that we generally see what we want to see. If we see something that looks like an alien craft, we'll probably believe it is.

Check out the first clip below.

Quite convincing isn't it (especially with the X-Files theme included). The Chilean air force released a press-statement claiming that the lights were from their training aircraft flying in formation. Surely those lights couldn't possibly be training planes? Surely it must be a cover-up. Well... no.

Watch the following clip to understand what I mean about seeing what we want to see.


Jon Dylan said...

Haha, that's fantastic!

Congratulations on, what is it, your first post of 2009?

Symon Burton said...

Cheeky Jon. First two weeks with Whippet Pup sucked the life out of me... Be reasuured that Blogging Burton is back!

PaisleyJade said...

I'm glad Blogging Burton is back... I've missed him ;) This post reminds me of that Loch Ness doco where they set people up to see what they would see (or thought they saw).

Rachel Kate said...

subliminal messaging?? loved this post btw!