Robo Croc: The future of jaw enforcement

On a lonely road in Florida keys last year a crocodile had the misfortune of having its head run over by a rather large vehicle (probably granny's SUV). Subsequently, it's snout was crushed, and being unable to move it's jaw, the 'poor' animal hadn't eaten for months.

Enter Douglas Mader, of Marathon Veterinary Hospital... the saviour of the croc and the creator of Robocroc.

Mader reconstructed the giant reptiles face by placed four metal rods down the length of it's skull and securing them with forty-one metal screws, drilled into its hide, keeping the skull and snout together.

An unfortunate crocodile comes between a car and the road, the vet who saved it becomes a hero and the croc will probably have a lucrative future in horror movies.

I wonder if Robocroc would have received such royal treatment if it was discovered that he had been hit while taking a leisurely after-dinner stroll... the dinner being someone's little girl?


Rachel Kate said...

id comment on this post cept i cant think of anything serious to say lol

Rachel Kate said...

or anything funny for that matter...