The Sound Of Music rocks!

I have a confession to make... I, Burton, think The Sound Of Music rocks!

...And that would make me cool (because we all know that anyone into retro stuff is rather hip). Another, even more shocking confession... We even own two copies of the DVD ( original and special anniversary edition).

I do believe a Sound Of Music revival is coming to the world... View clip below, be inspired, and spread the love.


Neen said...

I wanna move there! That was so awesome - loved the first guy with his break out!

Flames next event - spontaneous dance-a-thon in the Strand?

PaisleyJade said...

Very cool - and yes Neen... the Strand sounds great!!!

I thought you bought that Sound of Music DVD for me??? Ah ha... now it all makes sense!

Rhys said...

Simon sound of music cool? haha
I can't believe this what has been done to our simon, the war loving, pain inflicting (in the name of sport) arm wrestling (who I remain to contest) chuck wearing man whom we look upon as our role model this is a dark day.

P.S if thats acceptable so is pride & predjuice

Dan the Van said...

i'm so glad to hear other hip people quite like my self are out there standing in the gap for the sound of music.
dare you to watch and sit through (in one sitting) "gone with the wind"

Symon Burton said...

Dan...I'm not sure if I'm man enough for such a challenge just yet.

GB said...

I have long been a fan! On my list of things to do in life: twirl around on those hills singing "the hills are alive" .... apparently there are group tours that take you there. I am so there.

Jon Dylan said...

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Sound of Music, Polyanna, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers . . . old movies rock!