Symon and the Real Girl

It's our wedding anniversary today. I was scrummaging through my shed this morning (as you do on your wedding anniversary) and found my Best Man's wedding speech. Wayne, you did a legendary job with this, and it still makes me crack up thirteen years later!

So for a window into our life almost a decade and a half ago, read on...

Ode to Symon and Kristy

Symon was a quiet lad, or so we have been told
But we knew that things would have to change before he grew too old
At the age of sixteen he picked up a guitar and began to sing and write
Committed to his cause he wrote a barrelful of tunes, sometimes two or three a night
They were songs to change the world, and songs to spread the word
And yet most of the songs that Symon wrote, no one ever heard (except me)

A few years down the track, God answered Symon’s prayer
On Friday night the phone did ring and a voice said “It’s Brian here”
The news that Brian brought gave the greatest of great joys...
An offer for Symon to play the bass for a band called “The Flatboys”
Symon quickly accepted Brian’s offer to play
He rang his mum and told his friends and started the very next day
With lots of gigs booked and Summer Harvest camp
Symon took his biggest step yet and bought a brand new bass amp

Symon’s new Peavey was all his pride and joy
At $2000 he told his mum that it really wasn’t a toy
With low gain, high gain, crossover and DI
The bass amp had Symon’s heart, and to girls he turned a blind eye
For several years Symon and his amp continued in perpetual bliss
And whenever he spent a few days away, it was only his amp that he’d miss

And then one day without warning, a girl came on the scene
She went by the name of Kristy, and Symon was definitely keen
Kristy, Kristy meek and mild... No one knew of her intent
But between you and I and Warren and Brian, the bass amp knew what it meant
As time went by the Kristy thing eventually took its course
Symon and his poor old amp had to file for divorce

So if you’re wondering if these two are a good match
Of Symon at least you can be quite sure, in Kristy he’s found a good catch
Late at night when Kristy tells Symon it’s his turn to turn off the lamp
She knows without doubt she’s the only girl in the world...
Who got him to sell his bass amp

Happy anniversary Princess! I still think you are a 'good catch'. Love you heaps babe.


PaisleyJade said...

Awwww - thanks honey. That would have to be one of the best best-man speeches ever!

Juanita Bassett said...

Awwww that's awesome, and I think you two are awesome too! Happy Anniversary guys xx Juanita xx

sewfunky said...

:) that is a great speech...

My dad sold his surfboard when he married my mother, but I don't think Jonathan sold anything... LOL!

Jon Dylan said...

Haha, your blog never ceases to make me laugh. Congrats on the anniversary.

Rachel Kate said...

that is a nice amp :P

Ellymay said...

Kristy may no longer have to compete with an amp, but 13 years later, 1 cat, 1 dog, 3 mice, chooks 4 kids, anything else I am not sure, but she still wouldn't trade her MAN for anything, you both are an inspiration.